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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is not Catholic, can they still participate?

Of course your child can participate. Although we are a Catholic-based summer camp and participate in religious activities such as prayer and Mass, we are welcoming to children and families from all different backgrounds!

I am not Catholic, can I still be a paid Camp Minister?

Although being Catholic is not a necessary requirement, all of our Camp Ministers are expected to do the following:

  • Ensure the safety of the children. 

  • Serve as positive Catholic role models for our children.

  • Provide sound spiritual instruction and example. 

  • Be punctual, supportive, selfless, and proactive.

  • Be an example of fun and excitement.

How Catholic is the Camp?

The Camp, although ranging in various activities and exciting experiences, is run by the Catholic Church. During the camp, campers will pray before snack, as they leave, and will attend Mass on Thursday mornings!

Who is in Charge of the Summer Camp?

The Executive Camp Director is Mr. Tim Feeney (the Evangelization Director for St. Philip Neri Parish), and Mr. Matteo Santi Amantini is the Assistant Directors!

What are the dates for the summer of 2024?

The first camp will begin June 10th and the last day will be August 9th. Camps run M-F with the exception of the 4th of July (camp will be closed).

Will registration remain open throughout the summer?

Registration will close at the end of May. Please get in touch with us if there are any questions/concerns.

Is lunch provided by Summer Program?

Lunch is not provided by the Summer Program. Camp Only campers will leave before eating lunch; however, After Care campers are required to bring a lunch with them. Sometimes, After Care will have special days/events in which lunch will be provided.

What about allergies and medications?

The Camper Health form will allow for the proper accountability concerning the allergy needs of each camper. Any medications will be securely held by our staff, who has been trained in CPR and Epi-pen usage. Medications (other than in an emergent situation), must be self-administered by the camper.

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